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RNJ International, since its inception in 2013, has been offering consulting services to Nepalese aspirants yearning for high quality education in the world class university under peaceful environment.You are always welcome to visit us at any time you would like during official time (10:00 am to 5:00 pm).

After investigating individual case, experienced professionals dispense up-to-date, relevant and unbiased information that suits student’s career path, meets academic requirement and fits financial limitation by offering guidance ranging from preparation of English language proficiency class to processing of academic as well as visa application documents.



Reasons to choose RNJ when it comes to achieve your dreams

  • Client friendly: With experienced counsellors open minded discussion focuses on options in favor of clients under a convenient environment.
  • Confidentiality: All documents and meeting outcomes are dealt with a great confidentiality and personal respect.
  • Thorough counselling: Comprehensive assessment of student profile, preference and background determining basic requirement followed by examination of associated socio-economic background verifying financial ability helps us to deliver accurate, fair and relevant information and advice best fitting client’s chosen career path.
  • Flexibility: RNJ team members are always comfortable with students as well as their parents and understanding their busy schedule maintain high flexibility with time to hold meeting.
  • Quality: Serving with great delight RNJ is alert with quality and accuracy of services delivered.
  • Affordability: RNJ team ensures that clients choose the options that match with their financial landscape.
  • Long-term partnership: RNJ family believes in long-term association; in other words the deal initiated with student placement in education institution extends beyond after course completion and continues further in new dimension.


With multidisciplinary team ranging from motivated counselors with years of consulting experience in various disciplines to dedicated teaching professional and overseas graduates provides services with enthusiasm. It really drives us to prompt that a client should pay us visit to interact and personally feel the differences.


Contributing to generate well educated and competent person with market-demand skill and right attitude by delivering the most effective options available at a given time as well as establishing ourselves as premier company in educational.

Our Vision

  • Maintain sustainable growth of company with corporate social responsibilities within the framework of law of land.
  • Excel working efficiency through fusion of scientific knowledge with modern gadget at optimum level while reducing physical drudgeries on staff.
  • Innovate intervention equations for cost effective investments in education sector stressing public private partnership concept.
  • Act as catalyzer in formulation of national policies that are practical, dynamic and realistic.
  • Explore opportunities and identify sectors for forging partnership with competitors to maximize mutual benefits.


Testimonials :

The world-quality education, superior teaching methodology, long-term career prospects, good working environment, respect for freedom of expression and high standard of living in Australia have always encouraged me to get a degree from there. I have been longing to study there but was unacquainted of how exactly to get an offer from the reputed universities in Australia to make my dream come true.
Then I came to know about Studyco Nepal (RNJ International Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.), educational consultancy for Australia. From the first day I sent an enquiry email to the consultancy, they have always replied on time and with great assurance. Studyco’s proactive approach and to the point addressing of my queries made me confident that Stydyco is the consultancy I am looking for.
Since I am living abroad, it is unlikely for me to meet them personally, but they have helped me a lot in all the way they could to apply in the best universities in Australia. Their extensive counseling and timely response in application procedures, bespoke information and documentation formalities served as a milestone in this project and have given me an opportunity to get a timely placement in The University of Canberra.
I truly appreciate their great help, dedication and support throughout the processing period. I would call Studyco a true gem in the field of educational consultancy in Nepal as they proved in reality that their true motto is to help the prospective students like me to reach their goal of studying abroad; they are one stop solution and the ultimate guide through the strangled road; straight to the destined Australian University.
I wish all the success and bright future of StudyCO.
Sujeet Acharya,
MPA Student,
University of Canberra




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